Black Friday Sale 2017

We'll keep this one short and sweet and just get straight to the deal! We are super busy cranking out holiday orders so please read the details below carefully.

This sale is for all day Friday, November 24th. What you get:
  • 20% off entire order, limit 1 per customer.
  • Valid on items on our website only! If you want to use this for a custom order then you'll need to buy a Gift Card (see below). 
  • Everyone who orders during our Black Friday sale on November 24th will get a random free gift in their order. Could be anything, including random stuff lying around the shop, stickers, candy, prototypes, wallets, coasters and one lucky person will get the big gift (chosen at random), one of our new tote bags that we'll be launching in January!
Here's the big thing though - WE CAN NOT Guarantee your order for Christmas at this time. The order queue is already filling up and the first few orders that come in will put us at 3-4 weeks wait times cutting it dangerously close. If you need something urgently let us know and we'll see what we can do but we can't make any guarantees. However, we just added Gift Cards to the site and we'll be offering the same 20% off those as well (details on how to do that below - please read carefully!). Even if you don't want to give one as a gift you can buy the gift card for yourself and bank the 20% off for a later date when you are ready to order. Gift Cards can be used for custom orders as well!

Because of the wonky way the shop does Gift Cards it has to have its own discount code. If you want a gift card you must buy them separate from anything else. So if you want to get a notebook cover AND a gift card, check out with your notebook cover using the Black Friday coupon code and then check out with just the Gift Card in the basket with the Gift Card coupon code. We are very sorry that it takes an extra step but we wanted to make sure people could use it on the Gift Cards as well. You can also buy multiple Gift Cards (or products). Just remember, each coupon is good for ONE order each. So you can order as many products in a single order as you want and get 20% off and as many Gift Cards in another order and get the 20% off on that. Sorry about this confusion but it's the only way we could get this to work.

This will be our last big sale of the year so get your goodies now! Sale begins at Midnight.

Black Friday Coupon Code: blackfriday17
Gift Card Coupon Code: gf17

P.S. - We've added the InkWell Coil Free Planner Cover to the site too!

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