Large Brass Fish hook key chain

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We like to keep things simple and our solid brass fish hook keychain is no different. We also used a brass Chicago screw and key ring. The advantage of using the Chicago screw is that we can easily replace the leather strap should you ever have any problems with it, including it, wearing out. If you need a new one for any reason, just let us know and we'll ship you out a new strip, you just pay to ship.

The leather is one of our favorites, a 5oz Horween Brown Chromexel (CXL for short). This is a nice leather that will gain character as you put miles on it. The antique finish on solid brass hardware compliments the leather making for a classic look.

And don't worry, when these sell out we'll have more coming soon, including a smaller version as well as other leather options.

Weight: Approximately 0.10 lb
Height: Approximately 5"

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