Medium Leather Tote Bag - Build Your Own

  • $ 175.00

Our Tote Bags are here! This medium-sized tote is perfect for your every day, running around town bag. They are made with a thicker leather so they will stand on their own, and come with a few build-your-own options to choose from. Want an outside pocket or two, inside pocket or two, or to mix and match the leather, or would you like snap closures? No problem!!! 

Each bag has six rivets on each strap and a rivet at the top corner of each pocket. If snap closures are selected then there will be four rivets on each strap. If you feel that you may be loading your tote bag down with more weight than the 4-6 rivets can handle, or if you just prefer the look of them, then feel free to select copper rivets instead.

As for pockets, we offer a wide single-pocket panel or a split two-pocket panel, which is made by sewing a stitch down the middle of a wide pocket panel to create two smaller pockets. If an inside pocket is selected, the pocket will be attached to the outside pocket's rivets for a nice and simple design. If an outside pocket is not wanted, you can still have inside pockets by attaching it to the handle's lowest rivets, but then the pockets will not be as wide. 

We hope you love this tote as much as we love making it and make sure to check in the ready-to-ship bags area to see if there is anything up that you would love as well!


  • Body: 15.5" wide x 12" tall ( base: 12" wide x 5" deep)
  • Handle Drop: 11.5"
  • Handle Width: 1"
  • Pocket Options: 11" wide x 7" tall 

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