Leather Options

We use leather from the top tanneries around the world including Horween, Wicket & Craig, Herman Oak, Tasman Group and Thoroughbred Leather. Below is are some examples of our leather colors. Make sure you check out our gallery and Instagram for more product shots!

When picking your leather, you need to take into account leather thickness. The smaller the oz the thinner the leather. If you are wanting a cover made with lots of addons (secretarial pockets, business card pockets, front cover pockets, etc.) I would recommend a thinner leather to keep the thickness and weight down. 

Tasman Group Harvest Leather
  • Wilde Moon Harvest (3/4oz) **OUT OF STOCK**
  • Autumn Harvest (3/4oz) 
  • Dark Amber Harvest 3/4oz) **Video & Pictures Coming Soon**
  • English Tan Harvest (5/6oz) **Video & Pictures Coming Soon**
  • Black Harvest (5/6oz)
  • Wheat Harvest (5/6oz)
  • Brown Crazyhorse (5/6oz)
    Horween - Horsefront
    • Dark Natural (3/4oz) **Video & Pictures Coming Soon**
    • Vermont DHF (3/4oz) **Video & Pictures Coming Soon** 
    Horween - Chromexcel Horween - Essex
    • Cognac Essex (5/6oz)
    • Natural Essex (5/6oz) **Video & Pictures Coming Soon**
    Tasman Group
    • Silky Cider Crazyhorse (5/6oz)
    • Shadeshift York (5/6oz)
    • Amethyst GenX (5oz)  **Video & Pictures Coming Soon**
    • Saddle Heritage (4oz) **Video & Pictures Coming Soon**
    Other Leathers