Wait Times

Current Wait Time: 3-4 Weeks

Last Updated: Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Christmas Holiday orders: Due to order volume we can no longer guarantee Christmas Delivery! If you want something in time for Christmas we suggest one of our Gift Cards. If you aren't sure if your order will make it in time feel free to contact us!

Gifts: If you are ordering something as a gift, please let us know what your deadline is so we can make sure we can have it done in time. Keep in mind our usual wait times and plan accordingly. 

About Wait Times: Makers South is a very small shop. We are a husband and wife team who handle every order by hand. Usually, turn around times are faster than advertised but we want to be completely transparent, sometimes it takes longer because of things like order complexity, order volume, available stock, family, holidays etc. Again, we make every product by hand and this takes time. We know you want the best and trust is, it's worth the wait! 

NOTE: We will always keep this page up to date with the current estimated wait time for orders.