Small Tote Bag in Broken Oak Crazyhorse with Camel-Tan Pockets

  • $ 170.00

This small-sized tote is perfect for your every day, running around town bag! The body and straps are made with Broken Oak Crazyhorse leather and the accent pockets are made in a thin Camel-Tan leather. 

It has two outside pockets and two inside pockets (one single and one split). There is also a small key fob attached to a loop of leather on the inside split-pocket side that you can use, or you can unscrew to remove it and hook your own on the leather loop instead. 

Item Details:

  • Body: 11.5" wide x 11" tall ( base: 9" wide x 4" deep)
  • Handle Drop: 11.5"
  • Handle Width: 1"
  • Outside Pockets: 8" wide x 6" tall 
  • Inside Pockets: 8" wide x 6" tall, with 4.75" pocket depth 
  • Rivets: Plate Nickel
  • Thread: Colonial Tan